Rs. 5,499/- Net
Brinno TimeLapse Camera

(TLC100) is a HD video camera, easy to use! One button operation, let you see a whole day's change in just one minute!




Rs. 5,499/- Net

The GardenWatchCam


is a low cost, EASY to use, weather resistant, time lapse camera. The Garden Watch Cam is EASY to mount in the ground and uses a high quality lens to target your chosen gardening area, or a single bloom. 




Key Management

With over five decades of design, development and manufacturing expertise in the computer and storage market, iQstor’s management team focuses on providing their customers with expert storage solutions. They are ready to meet your storage challenges relating to performance, scalability and management.

* Jason Lo -- Co-founder, President and CEO
* Jonathan Kong -- EVP, Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder

Company Overview

iQstor optimizes storage resources, increases productivity and reduces operating costs. iQstor is a privately held company that has continued to grow since January 1st, 2002.

iQstor strives to significantly reduce the workload of storage administrators by providing storage that is intuitive to use, scales without disruption and self-manages as much as possible. These automated tools handle the ever-increasing amounts of data as well as the different storage policies each company maintains.

iQstor is committed to making enterprise level features affordable. For ease of integration and administration, iQstor incorporates hardware "building blocks" with software solution sets. This provides, in one unified offering, solutions such as virtualization, snapshot, replication, remote support, high availability, and performance.


iQstor's storage solutions enable self-managing storage administration. Offerings include highly integrated Fibre Channel storage hardware, a high-availability SAN and policy based storage management software. All of this technology is owned by iQstor and is standards-based, enabling you to benefit from a greater ease of integration and improved cost efficiencies.
iQstor's storage solutions are ideal for storage administrators seeking:

* Enterprise class high availability features with no single point of failure
* SAN ready connectivity using Fibre Channel interface
* Server independent SRM software, including storage virtualization, snapshot and remote replication
* Storage capacity from 2TB to over 240TB

Key Markets

iQstor storage solutions consist of hardware building blocks together with software management tools. These building blocks are tightly integrated to provide.

* Storage consolidation through storage virtualization
* Business continuity through remote replication
* Disaster recovery through instantaneous "point-in-time" snapshots
* Departmental storage area networks in large companies having 50 to 1000 employees
* Data centers at small and mid-size companies with revenue up to $250m

Distribution Channel

iQstor markets its solutions through relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and Value-Added Resellers.

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