Rs. 5,499/- Net
Brinno TimeLapse Camera

(TLC100) is a HD video camera, easy to use! One button operation, let you see a whole day's change in just one minute!




Rs. 5,499/- Net

The GardenWatchCam


is a low cost, EASY to use, weather resistant, time lapse camera. The Garden Watch Cam is EASY to mount in the ground and uses a high quality lens to target your chosen gardening area, or a single bloom. 



Server Barebones
Transport your enterprise to the future of server technology! TYAN Transport server solutions offer industry-leading form factors and the features required to build best-in-class server systems to meet your requirements. Aggressively-priced and specifically-engineered for a wide range of applications, TRANSPORT barebones servers and server chassis enclosures provide OEMs, VARs and S/Is with simplified, cost-effective components and solutions for building robust, feature-rich servers.
List of products
  TYAN B5180GT14S3M
A truly simple server solution, the Tank GT14 (B5180), is both exceptionally economical and practical. Features include the single socket-T (LGA775) supporting Intel P4, Pentium D & Core 2 Duo processors, ICH8 and Intel Q965 (Broadwater) MCH chipset with integrated graphics, and (2) DDR2 DIMMs up to 4GB DDR2-533/667/800 of non ECC registered memory. Additionally, it sports (4) SATA2 ports with (3) SATA2 HDD, (1) standard height PCI-E card M2083-RS (default) or (1) PCI-X card M2061 (option), and Tyan SMDC M3291 or IPMA v2.0 (option).
  TYAN B5375GT20V4H
An upgraded 1U rackmount server, the Tank GT20 (B5375) supports the latest Intel® Xeon® 5000/5100/5300/5400 series processors and features up to eight (8) DDR2 memory slots to deliver powerful business capabilities at competitive prices. The platform is further optimized for reduced power consumption using low-power native DDR2 memory. It’s an Affordable 2-socket Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5400 Series-based server delivering new levels of performance for business processes, across a wide range of business workloads, including application servers, e-mail servers, Web servers and more.
  TYAN B5380TA26V8H
The Tank TA26 (B5380) provides high-density storage for departmental/NAS 2U rackmount applications. Supports dual Intel ® Xeon® 5000/5100 series processors, (8) FBDIMM memory sockets, PCI-E and PCI-X expansion slots, (6) SATA-II hot-swap drive bays, built-in 650W redundant 1+1 PFC power supply and much more. 
  TYAN B5383GT24V4H
A high performance/density server platform, the Tank GT24 (B5383), is an impressive turnkey solution. Supporting (2) Intel 5000/5100/5300 processors, Intel Blackford MCH + 6321 ESB chipset, (16) fully-buffered DIMMs up to 64GB FBD-DDR2 memory, (4) GbE LAN ports, (4) hot-swap SAS HDD drives with RAID 0, 1 and 1E support and 32MB DDR frame buffer of video memory, it is an excellent complement to high clustering applications with reliable performance.

  TYAN B5397GT24V4H
A complete 1U server solution features two Intel Xeon platforms within to provide greater cost savings on chassis, power supply and rack. The Tank GT24 (B5397) can support two Intel Xeon 5100/5200/5300/5400 series processors, (16) 240-pin FB-DIMM slots suport up to 128GB FBD 800/667/553 memory, up to (4) SATA drives transmitting at 3.0GB/s, and (1) PCI-E x16 expansion cards. This 2 node server system is a perfect fit for HPC, data center/data farm, search engine, and high-availability application running environments.

  TYAN B2933GT14S2
A versatile entry level server platform, the GT14 (B2933), offers excellent features. A short rack supporting (2) AMD Rev F Opteron 2000 series processors, (8) DDR2 DIMMs up to 32 GB DDR2 registered memory, (1) nVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 chipset, (1) PCI-Express x 16 slot, and (4) SATA2 connector supporting RAID 0, 1. In addition of LCM and HDD tray packed into a flexible form factor, the GT14 (B2933) is the absolute solution for network infrastructure development and front-end serving needs.

  TYAN B2912GT24V4H
The Transport GT24 (B2912-E) is a versatile server solution fully equipped with premium features. It supports (2) dual-core AMD Opteron™ 2000 series processors, nVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 chipset, (8) DDR2 DIMMs up to 32 GB DDRII registered memory, and (2) Gigabit Ethernet LANs. With optional support of (4) SAS or (4) SATA2 and various expansion slots accommodating PCI-E, PCI-X and OPMA card, the Transport GT24 (B2912-E) provides an excellent advantage to fulfill the needs of server applications.
  TYAN B2932GT24V4H
A high performance/density server platform, the Transport GT24 (B2932-E), is merely an amazing turnkey solution. Supporting (2) AMD Opteron™ 2000 series processors (dual & quad-core support with DDPM), nVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 Core Logic chipset, (16) DDR2 DIMMs up to 64GB registered DDR2 memory, (1) PCI-E x 8 slot, (4) hot-swap SAS or SATA HDD drives with RAID support and 32MB DDR frame buffer of video memory, it sets an ideal stage for high clustering applications.

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